No access problems for Palma’s Antoni Maura

Hans-J. Aubert /
NO INCIDENTS: Traffic conditions were not affected by new changes.

PALMA did not record any incidents during the first day that new traffic regulations came into force in the city limiting access to Antoni Maura.

Local Police officers were in the area directing drivers who were unsure of the new layout but councillor for Mobility, Joan Ferrer, said there had been “no more problems than on a normal day.”

This measure prohibits the move from Avenida Adolfo Suarez to Antoni Maura except for motorcycles, bicycles and residents.

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The move preventing access has come about as the councillor said most people could not find parking in Antoni Maura and it led to too much congestion in the area.

Fines will be enforced for drivers ignoring the no entry and road signs although councillor Ferrer said: “The goal is not to fine. The aim is to improve issues of mobility and the redistribution of traffic.”


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