‘Brexpat’ benefits for British residents

© Ayuntamiento de Mijas
UNITED: Mayor Maldonado and British expats.

JUAN CARLOS MALDONADO, the Mayor of Mijas, has met with a group of British residents to discuss the potential impacts of Brexit on their lives in Spain, reassuring them that they will remain welcome in his municipality, and inaugurating an official partnership with the town hall, which has been snappily entitled ‘Brexpats in Spain.’

Mijas Council has been at the forefront of exchanges with the national and regional governments since the recent referendum, obtaining the latest news and communicating residents’ concerns.

“Among the most important questions we are answering is how to acquire Spanish nationality,” said the mayor, adding that the council has “informed them of all the procedures they need to follow, and how to manage them.”


The Brits present in La Cala on Friday, July 8, certainly seemed happy with the town hall’s efforts, and the Brexpats initiative has been warmly welcomed, with official documents set to be drawn up in order to fight for the British community residing on the Costa del Sol.

More than 11,000 expatriates currently reside in Mijas, and the mayor assures that “we will remain close to them because, regardless of the British process, here in Mijas they can continue to feel at home.”


  1. Hi Neil, Any information we may collect will be available through our website at http://www.brexpats.es, or through our free public meetings. Or join our group on Facebook, BREXPATS IN SPAIN.
    We are working hard to prepare everything so please bear with us. There will be a mailing list soon for updates. Our first meeting takes place on Wednesday 27th at 7pm at the Tamisa Golf Hotel. Come along and bring your questions. We need your concerns. If you wish to form your own BREXPATS IN SPAIN Facebook group for your area we can help you to do that.

  2. As long as the reciprocal agreements stay in place. Pensions are one of the biggest worries with many expats in Spain, being the only income they have. With the pound dropping as it did, this has seen a detrimental effect already, and if we face higher costs as well, such as double taxation, they may find they can no longer afford to stay. This is why it is important for us to seek out the information we need as soon as changes in legislation are known. To follow our efforts, checkout our fledgling website at http://www.brexpats.es, or join us on Facebook at BREXPATS IN SPAIN.

  3. 11,000 ex-pats, each with a pension of 10 – 20,000 pounds is a net income for the town of hundreds of millions of euros. Small wonder he wants people to stay.

  4. Let’s all be positive and grown up about the situation we find ourselves in. We should remember the expats living in the UK who have concerns about their future and I personally hope that they are being treated fairly and offered support like those in Mijas. I myself and my family have lived in Spain for over 15 years and did not have the opportunity to vote in the referendum and I am sad at the way things have turned out. Therefore it may be be a good thing to be a little more gracious. I can’t imagine the 11,000 expats living in Mijas are all pensioners with an income of between 10 and 20,000 pounds just to top up the coffers of the town hall, many of them work and pay their dues as they would if they were at home in the UK which to my mind is the norm.

  5. Had intended to attend meeting at Tamisa Golf on 27 July but things conspired against me. Cannot find the http://www.brexpats.es and do not use facebook as it has already disastrous effects on my three children who all live in the UK. So, how does one get to this web site? and will it contain any information regarding the meeting?

  6. Laurence, Sorry you missed our Welcome Meeting.
    If you search for ‘Brexpats’ in the search box at the top of this page, you should find a link to EWN coverage of our meeting, entitled, ‘Brexpats in Spain hold their first public meeting’.

    You can also try copying the link below and pasting it, as one line with no spaces, into the address bar of your browser. This should take you to a write-up on the BREXPATS IN SPAIN website regarding the Welcome Meeting.


    We are planning more meetings with our experts in coming months. If you wish to send us an email at [email protected], I can add your address to our mailing list for details of these when dates have been set, plus other news and updates. We are working on our first newsletter to be sent out shortly.


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