Demand growing as property market picks up

ON THE UP: Mijas is displaying particularly strong signs

THE provincial real estate sector continues to demonstrate signs of recovery, with the Official College of Architects releasing a series of figures, demonstrating that while 875 new homes were built between January and June 2015, a total of 1,223 over the same period this year represents an increase of 40 per cent.

The capital and Costa remain at the heart of the upturn, with 266 houses going up in Mijas since the turn of the year, compared with 86 in the first half of 2015, while Estepona and Torremolinos also displayed encouraging growth.

Indeed, the statistics demonstrate that 2016 is the most positive year since 2009 for new builds in the area, when 1,657 homes were constructed, although these numbers are dwarfed by the pre-recession boom years, when 45,000 houses were erected in 2006 alone.

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