Vote of confidence

Taleb Rifai.

More than half a century of continuous success has been described as the foundation of the Costa del Sol’s bright future by the United Nations. 

Secretary-general of the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), Taleb Rifai, journeyed to Malaga to participate in a forum dedicated to encouraging innovation, community and growth across the coast.

Noting how the Costa del Sol has transformed itself into an energetic hub of industry and creativity, Rifai explained to media how he had often pointed to the community as an example to other Spanish regions looking for that extra spark to invigorate local economies. 


Rifai, a highly regarded developer, engineer and architect, implored local residents to keep up their excellent work in reinvigorating their communities. 

“People here know what they do, they are very aware and are on the right path, just continue to innovate” he encouraged locals. 

Summarising what everyone on the coast already knows, Rifai rejected the stereotype of sun and beach, instead celebrating the vibrant entrepreneurship seen in local bars, restaurants, shops and cultural institutions as the real Costa del Sol. 

Recent events have led to a flourish of interest in Spain, with many Brits considering a permanent move out to the Costa del Sol in the wake of the Brexit vote. 

With abundant career opportunities, a prosperous business scene and well-knit community of local entrepreneurs, the Costa del Sol is now at the forefront of an emerging new economy that embraces the property, medical, legal, hospitality, and investment worlds.

The UN’s vote of confidence in the Costa del Sol comes just one day after Spain’s economy minister declared that the economic growth was set to surpass already optimistic predictions. Spain was one of the fastest growing EU countries in 2015 and now Luis de Guindos believes that this year will see even stronger results. 

As storm clouds gather over Britain, it is the coastal entrepreneurs here in Spain who are now the engine of a rapidly growing economy with tremendous potential, encouraged by an inclusive community spirit and relentless, passionate lust for life. 


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