Does being a mother make for a better Prime Minister?

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Andrea Leadsom

AS Theresa May calls for the battle for leadership of the Conservative party to be a dignified affair rather than an exchange of insults and ‘dirty politics’ it seems that her opponent Andrea Leadsom may have committed an unfortunate gaff in an interview with The Times.

She now appears furious that the newspaper has chosen to quote her following an interview in which she said that being a mother may have prepared her better to take on the role of Prime Minister.

In total fairness, if Mrs Leadsom believes this to be true then it is hardly earth shattering news but the fact that she has declared herself ‘disgusted’ with the newspaper in a tweet, has perhaps given the comment greater publicity that it would have achieved otherwise.

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According to The Times which sticks by the contents of its article she said “Being a mother gives me edge on May” and Mrs May “possibly has nieces, nephews, lots of people. But I have children who are going to have children who will directly be part of what happens next”.


  1. maybe what she was trying to say is that mothers think of their children and of other people whereas most men don’t have the ‘soft touch’ but there was NO NEED to slight mrs May for not having kids – I have come across many people with no children- some wanted them and couldn’t have them others put their career before kids and ended up unable to have them.
    I was lucky to work and have children tg


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