Mojacar support for British expats


Mojacar Council has joined other towns throughout Andalucia in reaching out to its British residents, following the recent EU referendum result where the UK voted to leave the EU.

Many British expatriates expressed their concerns following the result, wondering how the changes would affect their status in Spain.

The open letter, from Rosa Maria Cano acknowledged the high number of British residents in the town and said there was “a bond” between the town and its British expatriates. The letter went on to say that the Spanish and British communities had integrated completely and that Mojacar would not be the same without its British residents, and insisted that the  relationship would not change. 

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In her letter, Cano said that the town “would not be the unique and attractive place it is today without its foreign residents” and that everything would continue as normal.

She finished by saying: “I personally want to show my solidarity with the British residents living in Mojacar and would like to reassure them that they can count on our help whatever the circumstance.”

The letter was posted on Monday July 4 on the Mojacar Council Facebook page, ‘Mojacar Informa’ in English and Spanish and was quickly shared over social media.

More than 50 per cent of Mojacar’s residents are foreign with the majority of expatriates being British.

While the majority are retired, many run successful businesses in the town, employing Spanish and foreign workers.

Arboleas was the first town in the province to release a statement of solidarity with its British residents and followed a number of other towns with all the letters sharing the same sentiments.

In similar news, a group of long-time expatriate residents have joined forces and launched a petition calling for representation for expatriates in Europe in order for them to have a ‘voice’ in Brussels.

Andrew Mortimer, Jim Simpson and Lenox Napier hope to get at least a thousand signatures to be able to take to Brussels on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of British people living in Europe.

The group hopes to be able to represent not only expatriates in Spain but those living in other parts of the EU.  For more information contact


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