Gang charged with string of offences

© Guardia Civil
Caught on camera in the act.

FOLLOWING an operation named as ‘Legona’ the Guardia Civil made a number of arrests in Valencia on Wednesday July 6. The two women and six men have been charged with various offences including belonging to a criminal organisation, robbery and robbery with force, money laundering and forgery.  

It is thought the gang is responsible for up to 38 crimes, mainly robberies, involving petrol stations, private homes, bars and a jewellery shop.  The police have confiscated several items from the gang including mobile phones, jewellery and a quantity of hashish.

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The operation started last February when a petrol station near Valencia was robbed and the employee assaulted.  The suspects, all Romanian nationals, had been using bicycles, purportedly to collect waste. 

However it appears this was a cover for their real motive which was using the bikes to move themselves and goods around unnoticed. To further this cover all their targets were near train stations to allow them to leave the area quickly by train.  


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