Be careful, Scotland

STURGEON: I always thought she was dangerous, but never realised she was actually unhinged.

OMG, you Scots really do have to keep an eye on Nicola Sturgeon. 

I always thought she was dangerous, but never realised she was actually unhinged. Her reaction to the Brexit result contained so much overkill, I’m surprised she didn’t arrive in Brussels riding a chariot and swinging a claymore. And what a fool she made of herself.

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Talking for all the world as though Scotland had already voted for independence, she swore undying allegiance to the EU, and with an almost unbelievable arrogance, this self-important, English-hating SNP fanatic, with absolutely no mandate from the Scottish people whatsoever, told EU leaders that all immigrants were welcome in Scotland! 

I wonder what the good people of Scotland made of that little gem? 

This sentiment was then echoed by another anti-British caber tosser, Alyn Smith, who embarrassingly begged and pleaded with Brussels to please ‘not let Scotland down,’  rounding off his speech with such guttural ferocity, I half expected Mel Gibson to pop up behind him roaring ‘FREEDOM!’ 

Give us a break. If ever anyone needed curbing it’s Nicola Sturgeon and her SNP. In my opinion, this hate-fueled, blindly ambitious party is more interested in ‘revenge’ on the English than the well-being of their constituents. 

Anyone with half a brain knows that an independent Scotland would never be accepted into the EU. With public sector debts of anywhere between £40 (€47) and £60 (€70.7) billion, rampant borrowing, oil revenues tumbling catastrophically, and an annual deficit of £15 (€17.7) billion, it is painfully clear that the policies of this disastrous party, who are so eaten by hatred and out of touch with reality they can’t see the kilts for the claymores, and already snubbed by the majority of EU leaders, can only bring embarrassment and humiliation to this wonderful nation.

 I sincerely hope that all my Scottish friends and associates will see through this lot before they make the damage so permanent they will need to rebuild Hadrian’s Wall to keep everyone in (including all those ‘lovely’ immigrants!). 

Sturgeon, Salmond…. It’s all getting a bit fishy up there!

Keep the faith.
Love Leapy,


  1. People of both sides tell lies or rather generally “twist things some”, thats nothing new in politics and it works both ways.

    Unfortunately referendums and elections don’t really work as you would like them to, Scotland has a referendum on leaving UK and voting NO, then UK has a referendum on EU and votes NO… so lets have another vote on Scotland leaving UK becasue they don’t want to leave EU… it’s not how it works! If your such brilliant Scottish politicians knowing that an EU referendum was on the cards had half a clue many other Scots give them credit for then they would have not been so desperate and accept the “Scots stay or leave UK” vote until after the EU referendum… but guess what, SNP as desperate as they are just decided to run with the flow, if your looking for someone to blame them blame your own politicians!

    I accept that just over half of Scotland doesn’t want to leave the EU “the stats tell us that” but as stated before, it was not what the referendum was about! If Scotland wants to be a member state of the EU then fine, they have to wait until the UK leave then they can have a referendum to decide if they want to apply to join!

    I would however disagree with people who think that Scotland would sacrifice leaving the UK to be a part of the EU, I also think many Scots are up to their eye teeth with elections and referendum, I would guess they have no desire to go out on another one… at least not at the moment! But then only time will tell… on all counts 🙂

  2. Not answering for Leapy but maybe if you Google the following there might be a base for some insight: “Scotland’s debt mountain: Holyrood’s borrowing could hit £50bn by 2020”.

    Scotland’s 32 councils owe nearly £15bn to banks, public debt agencies and pension funds, and are planning to spend nearly £500m more on new capital projects, in addition to sharing billions of pounds’ worth of private financing through the SFT. Meanwhile, households and taxpayers are forecast to come under additional financial pressure with Scottish graduates and students set to owe £6bn by the end of the next Scottish parliament in 2021, according to an analysis by the higher education funding expert Lucy Hunter Blackburn.

    That debt would be three times their borrowing when the Scottish National party (SNP) first won power in 2007 on a promise to abolish student debts. The debt is funded by the Treasury in London and is not directly repaid by taxpayers.

    But: There is no borrowing Leapy!

    I might add I have watched a couple of hours of the Scottish parliament recently & increasingly see NS taking a lot of flack for things the SNP have promised for years and still haven’t produced… I wonder if this is a reason behind NS’s push on the EU thinking she can cling onto a Scottish vote that is possibly running out of patience! I don’t follow Scottish politics as I really can’t stand either Salmond or Sturgeon 🙂 so it would be safe to say that I am guessing on the latter, but…. 🙂

  3. Mike, I don’t need to google, and I suggest that if you want facts, you check Smith Commission/Scotland Act etc.
    ALL councils borrow, but what we are discussing in HOLYROOD. Under devolution, the power to borrow is retained by Westminster, EXCEPT for capital projects. This allows for a MAXIMUM of £250M to be borrowed in any one YEAR. (Changed this year to £450M). As far as I am aware, this has never been used, but even if it had been to the full, then the SNP govt since 2007 would only have been able to borrow £2.25Bn, a far cry from Leapy’s fanciful guess, and from your mythical numbers.
    As for watching the Scottish parliament, well maybe you have, but something tells me you’ve been fascinated by Ruth Davidson and her Tories. Let me just assure you once again: the SNP is the MOST popular political party in the EU by dint of popular vote. Go and google that. “Cling on to a Scottish vote” – ROFL!

  4. “If your such brilliant Scottish politicians knowing that an EU referendum was on the cards had half a clue many other Scots give them credit for then they would have not been so desperate and accept the “Scots stay or leave UK” vote until after the EU referendum”

    At the time of the indy ref, the EU vote was a meer glint in Nigel FALANGE’s eye. You do know when it was announced, I’m sure. You’ll have got it from the Daily Mail.

    “I accept that just over half of Scotland doesn’t want to leave the EU “…”Just over half”…62% of those who voted is just over half?

    What makes you think we don’t want another referendum? Oops, I forgot, the Daily Mail and the Tories at Holyrood told you! Besides, you could quite easily have another GE in UK very soon, as Reichsfuhrer May seeks to build on her majority. Clue: she’ll get very little help north of the border.

    But Mike, if you’re in Spain, why does the Scottish scene bother you so?

  5. The key word in your first paragraph is “could”. It does not mean “will”. It’s just an opinion, not a fact.

    Fact: In the 3 consecutive terms in office since the SNP was voted into power in the Scottish parliament it has lived entirely within the budget allocated to it by Westminster. There is no borrowing by the SNP government.

    Fact: Scots pay more in tax to the UK Westminster government than the SNP government gets back. With Independence all that money currently retained by Westminster would be available to Scotland.

    The SNP would also get rid of that enormously costly nuclear weapons base on the Clyde, Scotland’s most heavily populated area btw – a prime target. How about basing those nuclear WMDs in the Thames, eh? No? I bet the Tories would prefer to put them somewhere in the North East instead. Either that or Gibraltar!
    It’s a different matter regarding councils borrowing money – they do that all over the UK – not just Scotland. Ultimately they have to pay it back. Just like we all do.

    However the UK Westminster government’s debt mountain is still spiralling ever upward despite all the talk of austerity. Funny that.

  6. “People of both sides tell lies or rather generally “twist things some”, thats nothing new in politics and it works both ways”

    Here’s oe example. Better Together activists (many by the way bussed in from various parts of rUK) repeatedy told older voters that they’d lose their State Pension if a YES vote was successful. This lie was used by such as ex PM Gordon Brown, despite the DWP/Pensions Service itself assuring many individuals who bothered to write and ask, that their pensions would be paid as normal should Scotland become independent. ONE example of how blatant lies helped produce a NO vote ably promoted by such as the daily Heil, just like ” the only way to preserve Scotland’s place in the EU is by voting No”. Now, the opposite could happen. The indy ref of Sept 2014 was “won” on a parcel of lies, deceit and scaremongering, all of which are more than exposed now.

  7. PS. If you want to discuss debt, how about the UK’s £1.7 TRILLION? Or borrowing, where is the £200 Bn plus for Trident coming from, do you think? Or the High Speed Rail, or the Hinckley point nuclear power station? Remember, that is ALL UK DEBT. Scotland doesn’t have the power for that!

  8. Nicely put Brian, but I suspect Mike will come back with more obfuscating nonsense. Of course, maybe he rates Holyrood at the same level as a council, and in that he isn’t that far from the truth, given the limited powers held therein!
    Incidentally, did you pick up on the interview given by the Spanish Foreign minister? He’s threatening to veto the UK’s article 50 – whenever it may be enacted – if the UK govt tries to take Gibraltar out of the EU as well. Fun times ahead.

    He’s Paul Kavanagh, also writes in the National and lived in Spain for 18 years.

  9. The Scottish politics scene doesn’t bother me George, it is the constant ramblings of nationalists that I can’t get over, doesn’t matter what part of UK they are from and all we hear at the moment from people like yourself is Scotland is going to get to remain in EU and get to come out of the UK… but the voting has all been done but some just don’t seem to be able to get on with that!

    Why do you and others always end up spitting out the Daily Mail when you can’t think of anything else to fire at people, what the hell has the DM got to do with it? Seems to be the ones that accuse others of being DM readers must be DM readers themselves as they, and in this case you appear to suggest you know what it contains, as in my case: I haven’t got a clue because I don’t read the English national papers lol

    I live in Spain and as a British subject UK politics does interest me, I have every right to be interested in it, much more right than for someone to question a British person as to why they should be interested in it… but I would have though that was obvious!

  10. Glad to see you actually realise how elections are run in the UK and are aware of the tactics used by most parties…. and a practice that exists in generally most of the rest of the world, whats any different this time that hasn’t always been an issue! 🙂

  11. Thank you George. Fascinating (and very amusingly written) item on the WeeGingerDug blog. I’ll be making regular visits from now on.

    3 things that interest me just now, and probably you too George, are Hinkley Point, HS2 and Trident’s “replacement” – 3 colossal UK gov projects with eye-watering price tags. With a 12% devalued pound already and more devaluation to come when interest rates are cut and then Brexit finally happens, these enormous projects are now unaffordable – assuming they ever were in the first place. Hinkley P threatens to break France’s EDF too.

    And what benefit do these ridiculously expensive UK gov projects bring to Scotland? None – except perhaps the latter which would still employ a few souls on the Clyde, assuming it stays there and assuming no nuclear “accidents” blow all of Scotland to Kingdom Come.

    I notice Theresa May has just put a hold on the Hinkley P deal this morning. I hope she cancels it and builds more affordable power plants. We Scots can’t contribute any more tax to these ridiculously unaffordable UK gov projects. Seriously, the UK gov is sleepwalking the UK towards break up. The UK gov’s heading into the same crazy territory as Spain these days.

  12. “The Scottish politics scene doesn’t bother me George”

    Of course it doesn’t. You’ve just now appeared on this thread, haven’t you Mike?

    “I haven’t got a clue because I don’t read the English national papers lol”

    Again, of course you don’t, but I’m sure you know the DM is the modern Fleet Street version of Volkischer Beobachter. I note though, that you use the term “English national papers”. Your slip is showing Mike.

    “Glad to see you actually realise how elections are run in the UK and are aware of the tactics used by most parties….”

    If you’d lived through the Scottish indyref as I did, you’d KNOW that it was different. A truly stinking dirty campaign by Bitter Torygether. Also, in the recent Holyrood elections in a constituency near me, I witnessed the dirtiest single campaign ever, and that was by a LibDem. Without doubt the worst I can remember in any election, and I’ve lived in this vicinity for most of my life apart from 2 years in Andalucia.

    So Mike, I’ll overlook the fact that you dodged several questions, but if you have any moral fibre you will answer this one truthfully: Do you now accept that the Scottish Govt, at present the SNP, have no borrowing? This of course being due to the inarguable FACT that borrowing is NOT devolved but reserved for Westminster, and that you and Leapy Lee are totally incorrect?

  13. Definitely a nationalist lost cause 🙂

    I think your last statement says it all as it makes no sense if you actually read my reply to your post “properly” 2016-07-18 14:20

  14. Mike, that article you referred to was the purest nonsense. It is exactly the sort of lying propaganda that was flung at us all through the independence referendum campaign. You will remember the bit about the £350 million a week that was going to be ploughed into the NHS thanks to not being in Europe? About that level.

    For example, what on earth is that stuff about graduates and students and debts and taxpayers and paying back all supposed to mean? In Scotland, unlike in England under Tony Blair, we did not impose tuition fees on students.

    As for the Scottish Government’s supposed huge pile of debt – there is NO SUCH THING because the Scottish Government is NOT ALLOWED TO BORROW.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am heartily sick of being lied to by politicians and the media. As we say in Scotland, they must think our heads zip up at the back.

  15. Nothing worse than being unable to admit when you are proved wrong Mike, as you undoubtedly are. No Holyrood borrowing, it’s not devolved. But you go on claiming black is white and comparing apples with pears, central govt with local councils. Go check English council debts but whatever they are, they are not the same as Westminster ones.
    You go on spouting drivel on a subject about which you are so obviously ignorant, just like your hero Leapy. You go on ignoring points and questions put by others while making ludicrous and unsubstantiated claims of your own.

    You are either a simple stirrer or just simple.

    Either way, cheerio.


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