Having ‘done his bit’ Nigel Farage resigns as UKIP leader again

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Nigel Farage.

NOW that the Brexit referendum delivered the vote that Nigel Farage had spent his political career to achieve, he has decided to resign again as leader of UKIP although this time, he vows that he won’t change his mind.

Despite being reviled and insulted by many, he believes that he had a major impact on the final vote and is quoted as saying that he “couldn’t possibly achieve more,” although he will remain an MEP for the immediate future.

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He will not be involved in suggesting any future UKIP leader but will remain in the background, ready, perhaps, to appear and comment should the government and the Labour party be hesitant in promoting the Brexit decision in a clear and effective manner.

In his resignation announcement, Mr Farage said, “I have decided to stand aside as leader of UKIP. The victory for the Leave side in the referendum means that my political ambition has been achieved. I came into this business because I wanted us to be a self-governing nation, not to become a career politician.” 


  1. Both Nigel AND Boris could easily have decided to continue rather than duck out. Clearly, the 2 biggest names who persuaded Brits to quit Europe don’t want to be bothered sorting out the complex details. Ho hum.

    Just because Gove stood for Tory leader never meant Boris had to withdraw! He was completely free to stand on his own if he wished, but he didn’t, which says more about him than it does about Gove.

    As for Nigel – some will say he’s quitting because it’s UKIP’s “mission accomplished” moment. The last big name to announce that though was Bush at the so-called “end” of the Iraq war. And look what happened after that! No, the leading campaigners for Brexit have now shown their true colours. They are quitting  and leaving it to others to pick up the pieces instead.

    Finding anyone from the dwindling number of Brexit leaders to actually negotiate the Brexit is becoming next to impossible. Andrea Leadsom seems to be the only plausible one left! Excellent speech from her btw, declaring the start of her campaign, especially about cleaning up the financial industry. However, that will come back to haunt her over her own shady offshore financial affairs – especially if she succeeds and becomes Prime Minister.

  2. Sorry to see him go. He has been a beacon to everyone for getting us out of the corrupt European ‘State’.
    I am glad that we have finally gained control of our own destiny, and will no longer be dictated to by un-elected fools in Brussels.

  3. Hi Roy. So you say, “I am glad that we have finally gained control of our own destiny, and will no longer be dictated to by un-elected fools in Brussels.”

    This is exactly the attitude that shows a complete failure to understand, post-Brexit, the inevitability of total isolation for Brits living in EU countries like Spain for example. Those “un-elected fools in Brussels” as you describe them will be completely in charge now without any further British authority or influence. We did not vote to abolish the EU. Our decision was for England and Wales to quit while Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar decided to retain their influence.

    We will have no vote and therefore no “control of our own destiny” as you put it, unless we gain Spanish citizenship – which I guess you would be unlikely to apply for.

    No, the only way we can really, truly refuse to be “dictated to” by Brussels any longer Roy is to move back to somewhere called “England and Wales” which will ultimately be the only surviving rump of what used to be the United Kingdom.

  4. Sorry Brian, I don’t agree. Spain will come to an amicable agreement for the Brits to say here, for if they do not, their economy will take a nose-dive, especially on the Costa del Sol.
    The Brits here bring an awful lot on money into this country and they would not wish to upset that. Not only that, but it may well upset those who come here annually for holidays, and that will have an even bigger impact.

  5. Roy, that’s not what I was saying at all. You’re quite right about expat contributions to Spain’s economy etc. but that’s not what I was talking about. I’m talking about us having given away 40 year’s worth of hard fought for basic rights that we will no longer have post Brexit with empty seats in Brussels where our MEPs used to sit. That’s actually all that Nigel Farage has achieved. Nothing more.

  6. Brian, Brussels did not take any notice of Cameron when he was trying to get things changed, because they were protecting their own interests.
    Britain has never had a voice in Brussels, and there is no reason to think that would change in the future.
    Cameron never got to change anything, least of all control of immigration and our justice system.
    Those idiots in Brussels want complete control of everything and they have it. We will be better off outside the Union where we can make our own laws and control immigration as we see fit.

  7. Dear Roy, it’s the British expats here in Europe I’m talking about. Cameron is irrelevant. He’s English and lives in a newly isolated little island, not Spain. When will you understand that the vote was a complete abdication of British  responsibility for the millions of Brits who live in EU countries in continental Europe?

    Once the withdrawal is complete all the decisions that affect you will be taken by every EU country EXCEPT Britain. Farage has not gained power for you over your future. He has thrown it away!

    He has reduced British power in Europe to zero – permanently. What kind of victory is that? A total loss of political power is not victory. It’s defeat.

    As for controlling immigration – Spain controls that here and you are the immigrant. Of course, you can always go back to England if you want to. It’s the only place you’ll have all the power you seem to think you have, but don’t.


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