Northern port problems

© flickr by Cristian Bortes
PUERTO ALCUDIA: The city council is opposed to the Balearic Port Authority’s plans to develop the waterfront.

CONTROVERSY is brewing in the north regarding a plan to develop part of the waterfront of Puerto Alcudia.

Alcudia’s City Council disagrees with the Port Authority of the Balearic Island’s (APB) plan to install a dry dock, new moorings, various bars, restaurants and other buildings along the waterfront. The council is concerned over certain aspects of APB’s plan including a petrol station which the council completely rejects.  

President of APB Joan Gual de Torrella met with representatives from the city council in an attempt to open dialogue explaining that parts of the project cannot be implemented without the town’s approval so alternative solutions need to be considered. The APB is willing to give in on certain issues but believes that the dry dock is essential.  


Gual de Torrella pointed out that the dry dock would not have any visual impact in the area since it will be hidden by an existing building and explained that there is a lack of moorings in the Balearic Islands and this project will help to alleviate the problem.   

Mayor of Alcudia Toni Mir said that the city council didn’t like the basic project but would listen to what the public has to say.


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