Police unearth huge indoor cannabis plantation in Malaga

WEED WORLD: Part of the extensive grow room disassembled by police.

A MARIHUANA plantation containing 319 female plants in various stages of flowering has been dismantled by the National Police in Malaga, with three men and a woman taken into custody.

Having received a tip-off that a building in the Garcia Grana district may be being used for illicit cultivation of Cannabis sativa, officers raided the deserted property, which apparently gave off a powerful odour even before they made it inside.

As well as the plants, which were being grown hydroponically, a mass of specialised equipment including high-power lamps, transformers, chemicals, and air-conditioning units, was impounded during the sortie.

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It also transpired that the green-fingered gang had tapped into the municipal electricity supply in order to avoid paying through the roof for their extensive operation, resulting in further criminal charges.


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