Statement from the British Ambassador to Spain on the referendum

Simon Manley British Ambassador to Spain

SIMON MANLEY, British Ambassador to Spain, today issued a statement to the English-language media in Spain which serves British nationals living in the country.

“I am very aware from the questions that we have been getting that some Britons living in Spain are uncertain about what the Referendum result means for them.

“As the Prime Minister has said, there is no immediate change. You still have exactly the same rights. You can still live and work here, travel back and forth in the same way, and access Spanish healthcare and other public services just as before.

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“There is no change to your residency status, nor any need for visas for travel to other EU countries, and you don’t need to change your passport. Your pension rights continue.

“Leaving the EU will be a gradual process. The Prime Minister will continue to do his job for the next three months. The UK will only begin negotiations with the European Union after we have a new Prime Minister in October. 

“He or she will have to decide when to start the process of leaving the EU. The negotiations could take two years or more and until they are concluded, the UK remains a full member of the European Union.”

A videoclip from the Ambassador can be found on Twitter at @ukinspain and on the British Embassy Madrid’s Facebook page.


  1. As a British citizen living part of the year in Spain I would like to reassure all Spanish citizens that they have nothing to worry about and can continue to live in their homeland without any risk to their future from British expats

  2. Lisa, The UK (though maybe not Scotland) leaves the EU and you’re on your own unless the Spanish government or the EU agree to make special arrangements for you and the other British immigrants in Spain..

    That was the will of the majority of your fellow countrymen (not me, I voted Remain and am as worried as you) and the Leave-ers had no plan in the event of them winning so it’s all up in the air at the moment. People can try to re-assure but nobody can really say.


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