A climate of fear in Benidorm

Noise and drunkenness are perennial problems, but bouncers (not the two pictured) also cause trouble.

Few days go by without another article about Benidorm’s ‘English Zone’ in the local Spanish Press.

Noise and drunkenness are perennial problems, but bouncers also cause trouble, like the two doormen at a Calle Mallorca pub recently arrested for allegedly beating a Briton, who later needed hospital treatment.

Nor are the National Police immune, as three officers were injured in an incident involving a doorman two months ago. According to police unions, SUP and CEP, the number of officers at Benidorm’s National Police Station has fallen by more than 50 in the past five years.

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There are two patrols for all of Benidorm, the unions maintained. “There are days when there are four cars but other days with only one or two, compared with up to 12 five years ago” union sources said.

Benidorm National Police Commissioner Juan Carlos Hernandez questioned this claim. There are a minimum of three patrols, bearing in mind that they can call on Rapid Intervention units during the day and Prevention and Reaction units at night, Hernandez pointed out.

Two months ago he admitted that the station was understaffed, “But that is a problem at a national level,” he said.


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