Strange way to get your kicks

© Guardia Civil
One of the video cameras discovered.

THE Guardia Civil have arrested a 43-year-old Spanish male in Torrent (Valencia) who is accused of setting up CCTV in changing rooms by football pitches in order to record images of the children getting changed.

The investigation code name “BETENASA” was set up after two video cameras were discovered in the changing room of a sports club, and it appears that the man arrested, who was due to start work at a summer camp, had entered the changing rooms on the pretext of checking facilities for maintenance purposes.

During the arrest, the officers seized mobile phones, computers with more than 320,000 files and a vehicle, and it would appear that videos of a number of different teams of different ages have been recovered although the actual checking of material continues.


At least 40 different minors have been identified and parents notified so that formal complaints may be lodged.


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