Gastronimus maximus in Manilva

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NOW in its 34th year, the fantastic Roman Oasis in Manilva is opening for just two months from July 1 to offer some very good food in fantastic surroundings near to the Roman Baths.

The opening night sees performance by the Jersey Boys performing their tribute to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, as well as acoustic guitar from Antonius Tiberius Maximus. There is a three-course buffet as well as a welcome glass of Cava for just €35, but we believe it may be sold out already so suggest you call 952 892 380 to check whether any tables are left.

Even if you can’t make the opening night, this legendary Costa del Sol spot is open from 7.30pm every night until August 31, so do visit; you won’t be fed to the Lions but you can certainly eat like a Roman Emperor. 

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The charming and erudite owner Paul Hickling is normally around to amuse and entertain with stories from his past, and he might even be persuaded to autograph a copy of his book ‘My Roman Oasis’

To see more about the restaurant and its menu visit


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