BHS blame shifts to current owner

Phillip Green, required to give an explanation of his financial activities.

AFTER the furore that accompanied allegations against Sir Philip Green and the impending closure of BHS, the most recent owner, Dominic Chappell has been branded a ‘liar’ who had his ‘fingers in the till’ by former BHS managers at a Commons enquiry into the financial woes of the company.

Darren Topp, previous CEO of the company alleged Mr Chappell threatened to kill him during a row over company money although this has been denied by Mr Chappell and another former advisor, financial consultant Michael Hitchcock referred to him as “a premier league liar and a Sunday pub league retailer.”

Whilst everyone currently involved with the demise of BHS is swiftly attributing blame to each other, Sir Philip Green will also be required to give an explanation as to his financial activities prior to the sale of the company.

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Whatever the eventual outcome of the enquiry, there appears little doubt that a great deal of money was removed from the company or was withheld from the pension fund before its eventual closure although at this stage, there is no proof this was done improperly.



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