An unwelcome reptilian guest

Common gecko: Harmless fly-botherer, or invasive creepy crawly?

WITH the high temperatures set to feature everyday for the next three to four months, you might have already woke to the unwelcome sight of a gravity-defying lizard staring down at you from the ceiling.

While not dangerous, it can be troublesome and off-putting having reptiles scuttling around, and especially problematic if the adventurer brings his friends to the party. Luckily there are plenty ways to get around the problem and enjoy a lizard free home.

Egg shells, garlic cloves and onions are among the simplest deterrents. Leaving them at strategic locations should prevent an invasion.

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You can also use bird feathers to dissuade lizards from entering as birds are natural predators, while a house cat can also work wonders. For those who have managed to sneak inside you can try sweeping them into a cardboard box using a cold water spray to stun them.

Electric repellents also work, while roaming lizards have a tendency to get stuck to fly paper.

Remember that lizards prey on insects so the cleaner your home is the less likely they are to swoop in and give you a rude morning awakening.


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