Why on earth is Gordon Brown telling us what to do?

BROWN: Has less right to advise us than Eddie Izzard.

I’M sitting here, scribbling this missive and actually feeling physically sick. The reason? I’m watching Gordon Brown, on prime-time Sky news telling us why we should vote to remain in the EU!

The arrogance of some of these politicians simply defies the imagination. This egotistical self-disillusioned individual has less right to advise us than even that pathetic idiot Eddie Izzard. Brown, in his role as Labour’s Chancellor of the Exchequer and short disastrous unelected stint as prime minister, plagued the whole of the UK with more problems than any leader in recent history.

He sold off all our gold reserves – when the bottom had actually fallen out of the market – costing the country billions. He supported Blair in the Iraq war and after a disastrous tenure, when even his own party wanted him to resign, finally ran for cover after the emergence of Ed Miliband: another, even more incompetent Labour frontrunner.

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And now here he is giving us advice! ‘We don’t need to leave the EU’ he spouts (without that annoying jaw movement, he has undoubtedly worked extremely hard to correct!). ‘We need to lead it.’ What sort of a naïve pipe dream is that? We will never ‘lead’ the EU. Germany and the overpaid, unelected bureaucrats of Brussels do that. Give us a break Brown.

We know most politicians consider us minions lowly uneducated peasants (bigots yet!), but you really are pushing your disdain and underestimation of the public to the limit. Why don’t you join forces with Nicola Sturgeon? Had a great missive this week. It asked: If you were actually being asked to join the EU on June 23 how would you vote?

Er…just a minute.

Choosing to join will cost you billions, bring uncontrolled borders, resulting in millions of immigrants entering your country. The destruction of your infrastructure. A currency and organisation that is falling apart by the day and all decisions on law, order and your economy, taken by untouchable, incompetent and overpaid bureaucrats! Well!?

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy,



  1. On the subject of Gordon Brown I could not agree more. However things are b no better now. It looks like Cameron and Osbourne will be dead ducks after the referendum only to be replaced by a village idiot with a public school education, a geek and a double glazing salesman. Cameron’s legacy will be food banks and a living wage that is not a living wage.
    Re. The referendum, in or out nothing will change for the ordinary working man in the street. We have been fed a load of bull by both sides. The double glazing salesman started the scaremongering with his anti immigration stance and everyone else has followed on since. As a result we are all gambling on the future of our once great country if we vote. So whatever one decides it will be a guess. In or out it will be a shot in the dark because we the public have not had any information from a totally independent source just lies and conjecture from the interested parties.

  2. I agree Yanto. Brown is an idiot who should have stayed in his hole, for no-one (except a fool) will believe a word this clown says.

    I agree with what you say Leapy. The man did a great deal of damage to our country when he was in charge, and no-one should listen to him now.

    Anyone who thinks that Britain can prosper under the yolk of those idiots in Brussels need to think again.
    Look what they have already done to us: Our Justice System is a shambles because of them, and we cannot control anything in our country, least of all immigration, without their approval.

    Our people are suffering deeply and it will remain so for as long as we stay in. Get out now while we can!

  3. Its just not Gordon Brown… Blair, Kinnock and others where wheeled out and they obviously expect the average member of public think that we should listen to them! If this is the case then they have all lost the plot!

    Kinnock has made over £10M from his position he held for a few short years in Brussles and his wife the same, I know of no one who works their whole life and gets to make this amount of money never mind 10 to 15 years. They milked the whole EU system for what they could and still are, I wonder how many members of the public understand that for them to receive their pensions “as other MEPS” they must show support for the EU!

    I don’t actually agree or believe that Boris will become PM, if he does it will a surprise me although I do think we are better off without a PM such as David Cameron, what a shambles of a desperate man he has turned out to be. He has behaved like a panicking little boy on trying to deal with the backlash of inaccurate disperate information he has provided to the public when he should have been giving them clear information on leaving and remaining whatever his case or beliefs are, he has let the people of the UK down and in my mind his position as our PM is not a tenable one.

    George Osborn is the scum at the bottom of the bucket after Cameron has been cleaned out, he as Cameron has threatened and put fear into pensioners, the weak and others, tactics that are the norm for gangs and mafia organisations… these people are our government politicians!

  4. So much bellyaching about this leader and that leader. There is only one honest broker who speaks the truth and you all condemn him out of hand. So you will all get what you deserve. Good luck.

  5. Oh right lol, you mean the one who has very openly displayed his support for the IRA! The man is an idiot and he is no honest man, if he was he would be supporting leave in the referendum as that has been his belief… oh but that was before he got into the leadership of Labour and understands they would push him out if he did that so U turn needed! I don’t think much or a lot of Labour politicians “nor severAL conservative ones” but if this man became PM we would be in big trouble, the general public know this so Labour will not get into power while he runs the show.

  6. [quote]That would be Jeremy Corbyn, of course.[/quote]
    You mean the same Jeremy Corben who has said if we leave we will loose free NHS ???????? THEY ALL LIE & those not in Government are paid in some form to Lie by Cameron……… The whole system stinks !!!!!!!!


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