In Memoriam, two murdered officers of the Guardia Civil are honoured

© Guardia Civil
The memorial ceremony in Capbreton.

THE Director General of the Guardia Civil, Arsenio Fernandez de Mesa, headed a delegation to Capbreton (France) on June 15, to attend the inauguration of a monument to Guardia Civil officers Raul Centeno and Fernando Trapero who were killed by members of the terrorist group ETA in December 2007.

The monument consists of a granite column with a sculpture on top which is dedicated to the victims, engraved with the legend “In mémoire Raul Centeno et Fernando Trapero, et de toutes victimes les du terrorisme, juin 2016 ” which is placed in a public garden near to the site of the murders as a permanent memorial to these two men and other victims of terrorism both Spanish and French.

After a speech by the Mayor of Capbreton, the Director General, Arsenio Fernandez de Mesa, thanked the Mayor, councillors and citizens of Capbreton for this initiative, and conveyed his condolences and that of the whole Spanish nation to all of France for the brutal murder of the police commander and his wife the previous day, highlighting solidarity with the French people right now.

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The Director General noted that the Civil Guard comes today to pay tribute to two brave young officers. “My words are of gratitude to Capbreton forces and Spanish and French security, which were the previous target of terrorists such as ETA and now jihadism who have sought to use weapons and terror as they are not able to achieve their wishes through democratic forums, word, understanding and dialogue “.

The Director General thanked the Mayor of Capbreton for having encouraged this tribute in his city, which goes to underline the words of the interior ministers of France and Spain in one of his last meetings in which both stressed that in the fight against terrorism Spain and France are one and there is no difference to either side of the Pyrenees.


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