I don’t think the car is parked, man

The drowsy driver invited his own downfall

A SPACED-OUT car driver may have been guilty of smoking too much ‘wacky baccy’ as he managed to expose his own marihuana farm in La Cala de Mijas, by complaining about a traffic violation to a Local Police patrol in Coin while carrying seven kilos of marihuana in his boot.

The officers immediately noticed the extremely strong, distinctive odour emanating from the vehicle when he stopped to denounce a fellow motorist, so they decided to perform a quick search and promptly unearthed the impressive stash.

The case was transferred to the Guardia Civil, who launched an investigation to determine the origin of the drugs, which led them to a villa in La Cala de Mijas, where they found 60 adult plants and around five kilos of harvested buds belonging to the driver, whose girlfriend was also arrested following the raid.

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