Aspiring fat cats rejoice: The Costa del Sol is to have its own version of Monopoly

Winning Moves
RELAXING: Monopoly is the cause of countless family arguments Photo Credit Winning Moves

MONOPOLY, the world’s favourite capitalist board game, which was allegedly invented by a left-wing campaigner as a protest against American property moguls’ unbridled thirst for profit, is to produce a Malaga-Costa del Sol edition, allowing players to buy up famous local landmarks such as Calle Larios, the Balcon de Europa, or the city’s fairground.

Classic squares such as Go to Jail, Free Parking, and Community Chest will remain, alongside 22 of the region’s leading sights, with English company Winning Moves (WM), who produce the world-famous board game under license from Hasbro, believing that the new edition represents a logical step.

“Following our fantastic experiences with other Spanish local editions, such as Ibiza and Granada, we wanted to create a new star in the Monopoly universe,” said WM executive Robert Osborne. “After several months’ deliberation, we concluded that the Costa del Sol is the perfect candidate given its incredible natural beauty and relevance at the cultural and tourist levels, making it impossible to resist this magnificent Spanish tourist region.”


The 80-year-old board game has been played in 111 countries and translated into 43 languages, and has produced countless special editions in recent years, with the Costa del Sol version set to hit toy shops, department stores, hypermarkets and online emporiums after the summer.


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