Worker dies of heatstroke in Madrid

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La Paz Hospital, Madrid.

A CONSTRUCTION worker died of heatstroke on Wednesday (June 8) in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid, emergency services have reported.

Madrid’s 112 emergency services were alerted at 6.20pm that a 55-year-old worker had suffered a fit and was unconscious on Picos de Europa boulevard, and a Summa ambulance was immediately dispatched. 

Although paramedics managed to revive the man, whose body temperature had reached 42 ºC, he sadly died in the ambulance on the way to La Paz Hospital.

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Emergency service sources have not ruled out the possibility of the deceased suffering from a heart condition which may have contributed to the death.

Following the tragic incident the Red Cross has issued a list of recommendations to the general public to prevent the current mass of hot air affecting Spain from causing problems.

Citizens are advised to drink as much water as possible, avoid the sun during the central hours of the day, use protective creams and hats and glasses and contact a doctor at the first sign of heatstroke. Particular care should be taken with children and the elderly.

However there is no real cause for alarm, the authorities have stressed, as although yellow alerts have been issued for some areas these are only really relevant for people carrying out particularly strenuous activities or those at risk.



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