Spice gull curries favour from wildlife hospital after toppling into vat of tikka masala

Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre/Facebook
I’m no kormarant: The hapless gull has been nicknamed ‘Gullfrazie’ on social media

A STARVING herring gull plunged beaklong into a vat of ‘waste’ chicken tikka masala that had been left outside a Welsh food factory, only to emerge with bright orange plumage.

The bird apparently swooped down to inspect the container, and had been attempting to fish out chunks of chicken before taking a spill into the piquant sauce.

Staff at the site were able to liberate the stricken scavenger before it drowned, before making a call to local animal charity Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre, who dispatched a volunteer to collect it.

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Once at the hospital, staff were able to clean up the curry-ful seabird with washing up liquid, which restored its original white colour, but failed to get rid of the smell.

Veterinary nurse Lucy Kells said: “The receptionist bought a box through and said ‘this one needs urgent attention.’

“The strong curry aroma actually hit us before we opened the box. It was absolutely overwhelming and I thought ‘that smells fantastic’.

“We had to give him a shower and clean him with washing up liquid. Surprisingly, he was actually very well behaved.

“The gull is doing great now – he still smells a little of curry, but he is now much whiter.”


  1. pity they are a protected species
    they really are a pain in wales – you try and eat a sandwich in the park and they will attack you for it
    hanging washing out is like a mine field.
    So glad to get away from the gulls


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