African migrant dies in Moroccan sewer in attempt to reach Spain

DESPERATE: Migrants appear prepared to resort to ever more dramatic measures to reach Europe

A MIGRANT from sub-Saharan Africa has died in the Moroccan border town of Nador as he tried to sneak into Spanish enclave Melilla via the sewage system.

Local police also dragged three other undocumented men out of the subterranean wastewater channel, all of whom were admitted to hospital for treatment before being released, according to reports by Moroccan news agency MAP.

The incident occurred in the coastal city’s port, which is a hotbed of migrants wishing to cross the border into Europe, many using increasingly ingenious or dangerous methods to do so.

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While many opt to jump the border fences of Melilla or Ceuta, Spain’s other North African enclave, or travel by boat, others have been found hiding inside consignments of scrap metal, suitcases, car bumpers, spare wheel compartments, and even a dashboard.


  1. The migrant crisis has now reached an unacceptable level. Everyone in the world believes they will be able to live in Western Europe once they arrive on our shores regardless of status often transported by criminal gangs. It will be a never ending problem until the EU leaders make it clear to every other country that none of their citizens attempting to enter Europe illegally will be allowed to remain and will be deported immediately. And that includes Turkey and the Balkans. No deals just a return to respecting the law


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