Sheep behaving baaadly ditch their slumbering shepherd in Huesca

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THE EWTH OF TODAY: Delinquent sheep have invaded Huesca.

A MEGA-FLOCK comprising around 1,300 sheep tramped its way through the centre of northern Spanish city Huesca on Tuesday June 7, after their groggy pastor dozed off.

The nocturnal romp occurred after the ‘migratory’ flock, one of the last remaining in Aragon, arrived to the city’s outskirts in the afternoon on its journey to the Pyrenees, where the sheep spend the summer on mountain pastures to escape the heat, returning to the lowlands of the River Ebro valley in winter.

Having informed local police that the nomadic livestock would be camping down outside the city for the night, as is customary, the herdsman accompanying them decided to take a nap, but, displaying uncharacteristic ungulate urgency his charges decided to continue their journey without him, ending up roaming the city’s streets at half-past four in the morning.

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Once police arrived on the scene the wooly wanderers were quickly rounded up with the help of the hapless shepherd, returning to their planned route at first light.

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