Guardia Civil Mountain Service attended to 531 people in six months

© Guardia Civil
Scene of a mountain rescue.

ACCORDING to a press release issued on June 6, the Guardia Civil Mountain Service has rescued a total of 531 people (351 men and 180 women) of which 330 were uninjured, 163 injured and 38 dead in 331 operations carried out during the winter period running from November last year to April this year.

Hiking through rough terrain, climbing and downhill skiing are the most common activities which have required assistance, and inexperienced hikers cause the most problems due to their inexperience.

The age of those rescued during the winter period showed a total of 117 people aged between 31 to 40, 114 aged between 19 and 30 and 89 between 41 and 50.

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The largest number of accidents have occurred in the autonomous community of Aragon (28.7 per cent), followed by Andalucia (21.75 per cent) and the Balearic Islands (16.62 per cent).


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