Coach travelling from Spain into France comes under hail of bullets

© Florian Pépellin Wikimedia
A7 motorway near Valence.

ON THE evening of June 4, a coach carrying 75 Czech tourists including a number of children entered into France from Spain and whilst on the A7 motorway in the area of Valence came under fire, with six passengers injured.

According to a statement from a local prosecutor, in what has been described as an isolated incident, “An initial shot smashed the front windscreen and a second exploded the rear window of the vehicle a few seconds later.”

It appears that after emergency services were called, the six passengers including a child were treated for injuries caused by broken glass and that one woman has serious injuries to her eye. Investigators found a bullet from what they believe is a rifle used for hunting in the cabin of the coach.

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Following the attack, all of the passengers except for those who were taken to hospital were transported home to the Czech Republic.


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