Sort out your hangover, get a better suntan, or improve your love life by chewing Spanish gum

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HUBBA BUBBA: Some of the gums have racier uses than others.

A SPANISH chewing gum manufacturer based in Cordoba has launched a range of new ‘functional’ products to combat stress, cure hangovers, increase sexual potential, and even boost your suntan.

Among the most eye-catching flavours within the ‘Night’ line from WUG Functional Gum is ‘WUG Climax’, which is being marketed as an “invigorator…for him and her,” with the accompanying blurb urging the public to “masticate and enjoy.”

Also available are ‘WUG Resurrection’, which “helps to soothe hangover symptoms,” and ‘WUG Energy’, a stick of which is ideal “to give you more vitality when you get out of bed.”


The creative chompers don’t stop there, as they have also concocted a health line, within which ‘WUG Diet’ “helps satiate your appetite,” ‘WUG Vigor’ “is an ideal complement to improve your sexual relations, making them more pleasant,” ‘WUG Bronze’ “activates suntan” when chewed ten minutes before a session, and ‘WUG Relax’ “induces sleepiness.”

‘WUG Sport’ is the final line available at present, and in addition to ‘WUG Relax’ also features ‘WUG Energy+’, a caffeine-filled delight of which a single piece contains the same amount of the stimulant as a can of cola, with a packet of 15 the equivalent of the massive Starbucks ‘Venti’ cup of coffee.

The brand, which uses only natural products and vitamins in its recipes, is now available in 7,000 pharmacies across Spain having started production in 2014, and now aims to conquer Latin America.

Prices vary depending on the product, with a packet of four ‘WUG Climax’ sticks on sale for €7, for example.

“The first ones were really bad so we had to improve it until it had a very nice flavour,” says CEO and co-founder Jose Luis Rojano-Jorge, who also claims that the gums are most popular with women.

“Women have many more sensitive places than men.”



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