Smiling bravely after nightmare holiday

SUSAN BOWLEY: Is a longtime lover of the Costa Blanca.

ENGLISHWOMAN Susan Bowley went through an absolute nightmare holiday last week, but that didn’t keep her from smiling bravely in spite of it all.

On May 22 Mrs Bowley was enjoying a day out in the Benidorm market when she went to walk around a mobility scooter and caught her foot on the wheel. 

She fell into its path and the driver, an elderly woman, accidentally ran her over, fracturing her femur and her left hand in the process. 


She had to spend five days with her leg completely covered in plaster, immobilised and cut off from the outside world. Eventually she returned to England for further tests.

In an interview with EWN, Mrs Bowley claimed that hospital employees treated her with ‘no respect,’ often turning her over with complete disregard to her injuries and demonstrating a lack of warmth while treating her.

In England she discovered it was her femur that had been fractured, whereas Spanish doctors told her that the problem was her knee.

However, Mrs Bowley was quick to add that she has friends who swear by the Spanish healthcare system and she will gladly return to Spain as she is a longtime lover of the Costa Blanca and visits Benidorm up to 10 times per year. 


  1. I wish I’d been taken to a Benidorm hospital, but for some reason I was taken to Villajoiosa, I wasn’t given a choice even though I had travel insurance, the hospital wouldn’t communicate with the insurance company to give them any information so I was stuck there.


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