Bumper month for employment in Spain


MAY was the best month since November 2009 where employment is concerned, with the number of people out of work falling below the four million mark for the first time since August 2010.

Although June, July and August of 2010 also saw fewer than four million jobless people registered with the public employment services, this May’s total of 3,891,403 was the lowest since November 2009, the Ministry of Employment and Social Security reported on Thursday (June 2).

Although generally a good month for employment, May this year was also the third month in a row that unemployment levels fell as Spain gears up for summer.


Andalucia was the region reporting the best result for the month, with 21,388 fewer people on the books as looking for work, and unsurprisingly the sector which saw the most people find work was the services sector with 78,406 fewer registered as unemployed.


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