Deluxe deals up for grabs

MY PRECIOUSSS: Lavish items such as these could be yours.

MARBELLA continues to defy the current economic climate with the opening of the city’s first international auction house for fine jewellery.

Bijouterie-buffs, whether resident or on holiday, will now be able to indulge their trinket fetishes to acquire high-end pieces at ‘bargain’ prices, with a necklace originally costing €70,000 having a starting price of €25,000, for example.

The first auction will take place on August 20 at the Puente Romano hotel, with the date selected because none of the major international houses have events scheduled during the summer.


Items from ritzy designers such as Tiffany’s, Piaget and Cartier are expected to feature among the opulent ornaments being sold off, some of which may fetch as much as €2.5 million.

Among the more curious items are a pair of natural yellow diamond earrings, a parasol that belonged to the last Tsar of Russia, and a silver mouse attributed to Faberge, while a unique ‘golden’ buffalo-skin jacket, that has been treated with a special nanotechnology process which alters the quality of hair, represents a first for Spain.


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