British holidaymaker raped

© flickr by chairmanblueslovakia
DRINKS: The perpetrator apparently took her out to various bars in an attempt to get her drunk.

THE Guardia Civil is looking for a Moroccan man who allegedly raped a 23-year-old British tourist in an area of Magaluf.

The incident occurred a few days ago when the young woman went out for drinks with some friends and met a Moroccan man who apparently lived in the area. The man invited her to drinks in different bars until she started to feel ill. When she told him that she wanted to go back to her hotel because she wasn’t feeling well, he offered to take her. Rather than accompanying her to the hotel, he led her to a secluded area near Punta Ballena where he raped her despite her attempts to resist.

This is the first case of rape reported in Magaluf this season. Both Local Police and the Guardia Civil plan to strengthen security in the area.




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