A liar who has lost his mandate: Rebel MP’s call for Camerons’ head even if voters choose to stay in EU

David Cameron.

A FRACTURED Conservative party might yet see the turmoil of a full-scale revolt over David Cameron’s leadership, regardless of whether the Prime Minister is bolstered by the electorate deciding to remain in the EU. 

Two prominent Tory MP’s, who have form as Cameron critics, have openly called for a fresh leadership contest in summer and a general election before the year’s end, arguing that No 10 had lost its mandate by lying in the course of the referendum campaign. 

MP for North West Leicestershire Andrew Bridgen told the BBC, “The party is fairly fractured, straight down the middle, and I don’t know which character could possibly pull it back together going forward for an effective government. I honestly think we probably need to go for a general election before Christmas and get a new mandate from the people,”

Bridgen, who has previously challenged Cameron’s credibility, once wrote to the party committee that:

“By pressing ahead with gay marriage and delaying a promise on an EU referendum until he was forced to do so, Mr Cameron has fuelled the rise of UKIP. We have created our own nemesis.” 

He was joined by fellow Brexiteer Nadine Dorries who went even further in her criticism.

“He has lied profoundly, and I think that is actually really at the heart of why Conservative MPs have been so angered. To say that Turkey is not going to join the European Union as far as 30 years forward is a lie.”

The pair reckon that they would easily convince 50 fellow Tory MP’s, the requisite number to hold a confidence vote, to come forward should the Remain camp win the referendum by a slim margin, or Leave secure victory. 

Other party grandees, including Liam Fox and Ian Duncan Smith, have come out in support of Cameron, arguing that the party needs time for calm, introspection and recovery after what has been a vicious period of infighting. 

Alan Johnson, chair of Labour In for Britain, couldn’t resist commenting on the state of affairs: 

“What is extraordinary is the vindictiveness and nastiness we are seeing within the Conservative party and Conservative cabinet. I think it’s very ugly, very ugly indeed. If those are David Cameron’s friends and allies, he’s welcome to them,” he said. 


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