Doggie DNA register to keep track of pets in Ojen

DNA TEST: Will identify owners who do not clean up after their dog.

OJEN is to become the first village in Malaga Province to make a dog DNA register, the council has announced.

The measure, local mayor Jose Antonio Gomez explained, aims to keep track of the pets resident in the village, combat animal cruelty and abandonment and help keep the streets clean.

Town hall representatives will be meeting local vets over the next few days to organise an information campaign for pet owners. Then DNA samples will be collected with a maximum of two months allowed for all dogs to be registered.


Initially the cost of testing and registration will be covered by the municipal coffers, however further testing and registration of new pets at a later date will be paid for by the owners.

Once samples have been taken owners will be given a metal tag for their dogs’ collars and a pet ID card. After the two month period, the council explained, the order will be given for samples to be taken of mess found on the streets which will be sent to a laboratory in Sevilla to track down and fine the offending owners up to €500.


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