Spain one of the priciest for power


SPAIN has the fifth most expensive electricity in the European Union according to data released on Friday (May 27) by Eurostat.

The figures published refer to the second half of 2015, with the average price of electricity in Spain registered over the period at €23.70 per 100 kilowatts per hour.

Spain was beaten only by Denmark (€30.4), Germany (€29.5), Ireland (€24.5) and Italy (€24.3).

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When it came to domestic gas Spain was even higher up the list, coming third behind just Sweden and Portugal.

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  1. I can’t say that this comes as any surprise,when I lived in Santa Ponsa,Majorca, in the late 1990’s the electricity bills were huge and I only lived in a two-bedroom flat and as there was no mains gas,a butane gas heater and electric heater was the only means of heating and it was damn cold in winter with snow and plenty of rain,especially as the flats were just breeze block and plaster,no cavity wall,no insulation and no damp-proof course and with tiled floors and high ceilings,they were bitterly cold in winter,I used to go outside to read the paper because on a sunny day,it was warmer outside than in the flat.


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