HIA cares about well-being

DEBBIE: Believes in well-being.

ONE of the things that’s very different in Spain compared to the UK is health cover, and changing from one system to the other can be quite daunting. 

However good your Spanish, you can be sure that your stress levels will rise as you try and sort out the best cover for your circumstances. That’s where HIA comes in. 

Set up by Debbie Hull, HIA works with Spanish healthcare provider Salus, which provides transparent and flexible cover ideally suited to expatriates. Not only is the documentation provided in English and Spanish, but they use English-speaking doctors, so translators aren’t necessary.

Debbie did a lot of research before deciding to work with Salus, and was impressed by the way they operated. They take aftercare seriously, she said, with first-class back-up (in English). 

Their plans include annual well-being check-ups (including dental), and they issue an ID card (which can be used rather like a credit card) not the voucher system favoured by some others.

Importantly, the annual premium doesn’t automatically increase because of frequent usage.

Free travel insurance is provided too.

Some companies won’t consider insuring anyone with a pre-existing condition, but Salus doesn’t take that ‘flat no’ approach. The first step is to complete a form which will enlighten the company as to your unique situation so that they can offer the right cover for you. 

Debbie is more than happy to take you through the form-filling process, so that needn’t be a daunting proposition. 

So, what of Debbie’s background? Back in the UK she worked for many years in the NHS in various roles, so has a good understanding, not just of people’s medical needs, but of the impact they can have on people’s well-being. Having worked within a mental health hospital and a well-being department, on the front line in a doctor’s surgery, and arranging respite care for families with disabled children, her experience is wide-ranging and comprehensive. 

As well as putting this experience to good use when helping people with their health insurance, she has set up a well-being group to help her community. 

The group, which is growing daily, meets in Javea weekly, and hosts speakers who talk on a wide range of subjects from depression to face-lifts.

You can join in by visiting her Facebook page, or her website, www.costablancawellbeing.com. To talk about how Debbie can help you with your healthcare insurance needs, call her on 744 487 877 or email [email protected]


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