Film camp on the Costa del Sol

Children at the film camp.

ENTREPRENEURIAL spirit is thriving on the Costa del Sol in the hands of those who are innovative, energetic and passionate.

A group of such individuals host the annual summer Mad Hatters Film Camp, founded and run by dynamic, young entrepreneur Sam Reynard, where children of all ages learn about different aspects of the film industry. The course includes learning about photography, screen-writing, cinematography, editing and even has a vocal and music coach.

You may have seen the camp and their film crew, usually based at Sotogrande and in the Marbella area, at various locations on the Costa del Sol; children at the camp are encouraged to be inventive and creative whilst working in a team, in order to create a presentation or short movie for the end of summer.

Director  Sam, who is also the founder of Reynard Productions and Fox Edge Studios, is proud of the camp’s achievements and its ongoing popularity on the coast, but he is especially proud of his students, whom he spurs on to grow in both confidence and creativity. He says it is a pleasure to teach children in a subject they are passionate about, and to hone in their skills to find an area in the film industry that they are truly suited to.

Sam, who graduated from Brooks Film Academy in Los Angeles with a BA in writing and directing, feels the coast is an excellent place for the camp; “It’s all about having fun. The Costa del Sol is the perfect place to shoot movies, from Tarifa to Sierra Nevada to inland Ronda, we have it all in every direction. Not to mention the reliable sunshine.”

Combining entrepreneurial spirit and taking advantage of the natural and beautiful Spanish setting, Sam sets an example for budding businessmen on the coast. With a little imagination, and a lot of determination, it seems you can really set the perfect scene.


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