Spanish brand Telepizza are expanding into the UK

Telepizza will soon be available for home delivery in the UK.

TELEPIZZA, the Spanish restaurant chain, has proudly announced its expansion into the UK, aiming to open over 80 franchises within the next 10 years. 

The expansion venture in undertaken in collaboration with Karali Ventures, who are one of the largest franchisees of the Burger King Chain of restaurants in the UK. Furthermore, Karali also collaborates with other brands such as Chamama, Pronto Pizza, Traditional Favourites, Caffé Italiano and Cafe Select. 

The CEO of Telepizza, Paul Juantegui, stated that Telepizza are very pleased to announce their first franchise partner in the UK, and that this marks a major expansion step for them in that market. 

He also stressed that the company’s international expansion is gaining momentum, reinforced by international partners who are interested in growing the Telepizza brand globally.

His enthusiastic outlook is supported by the president and CEO of Karali, Salim Janmohamed, who has stated that he looks forward to the arrival of Telepizza on the British market.

The company plans to open at least 300 stores, with between 20 and 30 franchisees; developing 30 regional markets in the UK over the next 10 years. 

Furthermore, the brand plans to continue to grow in countries where it already has a presence. Currently, Telepizza have 1311 restaurants in 15 countries across the globe, 850 of these are franchises and 30 per cent of sales totals are generated from their businesses abroad.


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