Full English: Brits most unlikely to try local cuisine when abroad

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Many UK diners tend to seek British food when abroad, according to the survey.

TRAVEL colossus Expedia has released data compiled during a survey of 14,000 people from 14 countries, which ‘reveals’ that Brits are the least likely to try local food when holidaying abroad, whereas Spanish tourists are among the most adventurous eaters.

Whereas 94 per cent of Spanish and Italian holidaymakers sample local cuisine, just 57 per cent of their British counterparts admitted to doing so, well below the 79 per cent European average.

Finland was the only other country where less than 60 per cent of responders were unwilling to nibble on local delicacies, with 59 per cent, while travellers from Germany (83 per cent), the Netherlands (77 per cent) and Ireland (75 per cent) were all more willing to partake in unknown fare.

Expedia’s Commercial Director for Northern Europe, Alex Platts, said: “Our survey highlighted that the UK is far below the average and showed the least willingness to try new food of all 14 of the countries studied.

“Perhaps this means us Brits know what we like and are content to stick to it, but it also could point to us feeling a little hesitant or struggling to know how to broaden our horizons.”

The survey was conducted as part of Expedia’s ‘Europe on a Plate’ campaign, which encourages travellers to eat more like locals.

It would be interesting to know how the company selected its survey recipients, since the diversity of global cuisine available in UK restaurants is far richer than in most Spanish towns and cities, suggesting that the UK does at least possess a partially open mind when it comes to foreign grub.


  1. You really mean they wasted money and time to do a survey.
    Most of them don’t know what good food is and live on ‘take aways’ in the uk usually it is curry sauce on everything as the meat there is completely tasteless.
    I was so glad to get back home to proper food with taste and fresh. Can some one tell me why they bother to go abroad other than for the weather????


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