Suspicious strawberry selling in Almuñecar

The man's strawberries were confiscated and destroyed by police.

A TRAVELLING strawberry vendor had his fruit confiscated in Almuñecar, after local residents called the Local Police to complain about his presence.

The man, the police were told, was driving around near Plaza Madrid in a van with a megaphone trying to sell the fruit, a forbidden practice in the area.

A patrol was sent to the scene, where they tracked down the offending vehicle and informed the van driver that he was breaking the law.

Upon asking for proof of where the 79 kilos of strawberries in the van had come from, he was unable to produce documentation, leading the officers to confiscate and later destroy the produce.

The man, the council reported, is from Utrera (Sevilla) and has a record for similar incidents.

In fact he was relieved of another 254 kilos of strawberries recently in Los Barrios (Cadiz).


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