Age Support Almanzora has disabled parking advice

PARKING: Foreign residents are entitled to a blue badge, allowing disabled parking.

AGE SUPPORT Almanzora has put together a series of useful pieces of information for elderly people living in the area.

This month’s article relates to the ‘blue badge’ parking permit for disabled drivers, known in Spanish as ‘tarjeta de aparcamiento para minusvalidos’. People entitled to a blue badge in their own country can still use it, in the same way, all over the European Union.

When the card expires, or if a person becomes disabled while in Spain, they could be entitled to a blue badge in this country. The first step is to see a doctor for a medical report and to apply for the ‘valoracion’ (medical assessment).


A form will need to be completed via the town hall, health centre, Age Support or online. If successful, people will be notified by the Junta de Andalucia, by email, of when and where to go for the assessment.

The medical assessment is to calculate a person’s disability and mobility rate, for adults this is a minimum of 33 per cent disability rate. Those registered as blind or severely sight-impaired are also entitled to the badge.

The assessment is carried out in the ‘Centro de Valoracion y Orientacion,’ in the province of residency. The resulting certificate of disability is called ‘tarjeta acreditativa del grado de disca- pacidad’.

The blue badge can only be used when the holder is the driver of the vehicle or is being transported in it. It must be placed near the front windshield. The card is valid in Andalucia and all the EU. It is free and will be granted for 10 years for those under 70, for five years for those in their 70’s and for two years for those over 80.

Residents can apply for, or renew, a badge at their town hall. Information required includes, details of the current badge if held, certificate of disability, proof of ID (NIE) and proof of residency (certificado de empadronamiento).

Applications can also be made online at the website: Age Support Almanzora volunteers can offer advice, they are in the office at Mora Oil on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 1.30pm, phone 634 333 544 or send an email to:



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