La Herradura motorway access needs maintenance

MAINTENANCE: Is needed on the La Herradura access road.

A LACK of maintenance and lighting at the access to La Herradura from the A7 motorway, has caused local councillor Juan Jose Ruiz Joya to speak up and complain.

Ruiz Joya has pledged to take the matter up at the next plenary session, and urge the council to demand that the Public Works and Development Ministry, in charge of motorways, provides lighting and maintenance to the area, to improve both safety and the area’s image.

The councillor explained that La Herradura is the only place that has unlit accesses from the motorway in the Malaga and Granada provinces as far as he is aware, and said he does not understand how this can be as this is known to be dangerous.

“The General Traffic Directorate, in a recent report, said that a well-lit road reduces both the numbers of accidents and the severity of those which do occur. In fact, statistics show that streetlights reduce accident numbers between 30 and 40 per cent, and studies have confirmed that accidents on unlit roads are six times as bad,” Ruiz Joya stated.

Lack of painting of railings, care for trees that were planted on the sides of the road and a general lack of maintenance are other matters the councillor wishes to be taken up with the government, as these give the area a bad image.


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