Something to celebrate in Denia and Alfaz

CELEBRATIONS: Rafa Carrio (first right) and foreign residents.

THE European Union has travelled a long path since the Council of Europe was created in May 1949.

The anniversary was observed with varying degrees of enthusiasm throughout Europe, but on the Costa Blanca, town halls like Denia and Alfaz were happy to celebrate.

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So, too – with the exception of opting-out Brexit supporters – were the residents.

In Denia’s council chamber, Deputy Mayor Rafa Carrio welcomed councillors and representatives from all local institutions, including the foreign residents’ association.

Carrio cited the Schumann Declaration, which 66 years ago sowed the seeds of today’s 28-member European Union, and admitted that the EU faced challenges. “But locally we are proud to live with a multitude of foreign residents and visitors who integrate and help to improve our town. They are perfect ambassadors,” Carrio said.

Alfaz’s mayor Vicente Arques had a similar message for all those gathered to celebrate Europe Day in the Espai Cultural Escoles Velles.

They included representatives of all nationalities from practically all local associations. That more than half of Alfaz’s 22,000 population were born outside Spain, Arques said, is a clear example of how far the EU has come.


  1. They are very happy to have half of the population being foreigners to fill their pocket but when it comes to help us even if we speak Spanish they ignore us! If Spaniards don’t follow the laws the local Police doesn’t even intervene and we are left with unsolved problems that makes from this beautiful place a nightmare!!
    We hope that one day they’ll treat us like all Europeans should treat one another.

  2. I would have thought that with
    1. German unilaterally created mass heathen moslem migration,
    2. the level of unemployment still in Spain & throughout the EuroZone,
    3. the appalling manner in which the democratically elected sovereign governments of Eire, Portugal & Greece have been treated,

    there is little if anything to celebrate.


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