San Pedro tragedy


In the early evening of May 9, Fatima Dorado Para, a 40-year-old Bolivian woman, was struck by a British registered Bentley as she was attempting to cross the road on a pedestrian crossing adjacent to the San Pedro Alcantara Boulevard.

A van had stopped to let her cross, but the Bentley appears to have come up on the outside, striking her and throwing her about 100 feet in the air before speeding off without stopping.

Emergency Services were called and Fatima, mother of five children, was rushed to the Costa del Sol hospital but suffered heart failure and died.

Police immediately went in search of the Bentley which would clearly be damaged following the fatal accident and found it about six kilometres away from the accident, at Diana Park where the owner and his passenger were discovered drinking in an Indian restaurant.

The pair was instantly arrested and they have been identified as driver Wesley Capper and his passenger Craig Porter, both of whom are said to be implicated in the abduction of a young Latvian woman Agnese Klavina in 2014 and are under investigation.

It is reported that Mr Capper appeared before the Marbella Trial Court No 2, on May 10 initially charged with negligent homicide, failure to stop and provide help to the victim, driving under the influence of alcohol, and possession of false documentation.

On the same evening, the Bolivian community organised a vigil at the place where Fatima was killed which saw the road closed and the placing of flowers and candles in memory of this locally employed wife and mother.

This is the second pedestrian death in the same stretch of road this year and ironically both victims were women hit by cars whilst on pedestrian crossings.


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