Clowning around brings hospital smiles in Mallorca

flickr by David Martín :: Suki_ ::
CLOWNING AROUND: Sonrisa Medica clowns entertain children in hospitals around Mallorca.

HOSPITAL clown Aspirino has made more than 100 appearances this year, performing in the Hospitals of Son Espases, Llatzer, Manacor and Inca, thanks to the support of Endesa Electric Company.

The agreement between the Sonrisa Medico (Medical Smile) charity and Endesa was made through the Adopt a Hospital Clown programme. According to Endesa, the company sponsored the nurse-clown, played by actor Camil Casasnovas, who has brought smiles to more than 25,500 children and families.

Aspirino documents his experiences at the hospitals in his blog ‘Diario de un payaso de hospital’ (Diary of a hospital clown) at the website. The actor also participates in sessions to raise awareness of the work carried out by the organisation, and the importance of a child’s emotional state for recovery.

Sonrisa Medico is a non-profit organisation that has brought humour to public hospitals in Mallorca since 1994.


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