Alleged ‘pirate’ taxi drivers are arrested in Mojacar

The fake pirate taxi drivers assaulted and robbed the tourists

GUARDIA CIVIL officers in Mojacar have arrested two men in connection with the assault of two tourists in the town last week.

The men were allegedly operating a ‘pirate’ taxi service in the beach area, when the two tourists got into the vehicle, and were subsequently assaulted and robbed. FA and SEB, residents of Garrucha and Carboneras, are accused of stealing some €80 in cash, a mobile phone and a designer bag containing personal documents and credit cards.

After picking up the two tourists, the driver of the vehicle parked in a secluded place and began making threats and insisting they hand over their valuables.

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One of the tourists, a woman, got out of the vehicle and began to run away but was hit by one of the accused, who threw her to the ground causing minor bruising.

The victims eventually managed to escape and were assisted by local bar manager, Jay Cathcart, who reported the incident to the Guardia Civil, and an investigation was launched. One of the detainees is said to be a known criminal.

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