Locals thanked for their understanding

CALLE PRINCIPE: The latest to receive new look cobbles.

AS a year has passed since work began in the historical centre of La Herradura to revamp the streets and try and put an end to longstanding damp problems suffered by local residents, the council has reported on the progress so far.

Juan Jose Ruiz Joya, local deputy and head of Services for La Herradura, said: “Work started after Easter last year and these improvements mark the beginning of the end of the damp problems which have always plagued homes in the area due to the complete lack of drainage systems to deal with rainfall.” Not only that, the councillor continued, but the water and sewage pipes under the street, which had mostly been in place for more than 50 years, had become obsolete: too small to cope with current volumes and also leaky, “leading to non-stop damp problems.”

So far Calles San Ramon, Blanquita, Las Flores, Canalejas, España and Principe have been completed, and work has now started on Calle La Unidad, with costs mounting to more than half a million euros, Ruiz Joya explained.

The newly renovated streets are being given a new, improved look with cobbles designed and put into place by specialists in Granada-style cobbles which have so far been very well-received by residents and visitors alike.

New improved litter bins, benches, fire hydrants and other urban fittings are also being put into place.

The councillor wished to thank locals for their understanding during the works. “The characteristics of our historical centre, with its narrow streets and difficult access for vehicles means any work carried out takes longer, is more complicated and causes more upheaval than in other areas, so we thank the residents for their patience and apologise for the inconvenience,” he said.


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