National Police stop the abduction of a young Romanian girl and break up a gang

National Police
Arrest of some of the gang

ON MAY 5 the National Police released information of the results of a successful investigation which culminated in the thwarting of the abduction of a 16-year-old Romanian girl and the arrest of 13 people aged between 18 and 40 in Alicante.

The concept of the gang was to have a young girl approach elderly men who looked affluent and who were wearing expensive watches and jewellery. They would offer these men sexual favours and even start touching them in public with the intention of distracting them so that they could steal items of value from them.

In the event that the men were impervious to their charms, the girl’s ‘minders’ would then become involved and attack the man and steal valuables from him.


The first phase of the operation commenced on March 7 when officers first heard of a plot to ‘kidnap’ the young girl, to first use her as a sexual plaything for the gang and then as one of those who would approach old men and offer to ‘play’ with them.

To this end six persons were arrested but this did not deter the rest of the gang from continuing their activities which meant that various young girls were taken by car to Valencia, Murcia, Almeria, Malaga and Alicante with the intent of robbing their victims.

Then in early May a further raid took place with another seven Romanians arrested and cash in a number of different currencies together with other stolen items were recovered.



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