Bell, book and candle as exorcism class made compulsory

Father Jose Antonio Fortea Cucurull, shortly after evicting a demon

THE University College of Barbaran and Collan, has made it compulsory for all its 196 students to attend a seminar, which is to cover “fields related to the devil, exorcisms, possessions and hell.”

Posters advertising the event, scheduled for Thursday May 5 and entitled ‘Evil’, are plastered all over the school, and make it clear that attendance is obligatory without a valid excuse, although no complaints have apparently been received as yet.

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The conference will be led by Father Jose Antonio Fortea Cucurull, priest of the diocese of Alacala de Henares, and is supported by funds from the Ministry of Defence.

In a recent interview with TV station Antena 3, Cucurull said: “The devil does not have horns or a colour, it is an incorporeal entity that all religions agree roams the world. It exists.”

He has previously written a monograph on demonism which included a chapter on exorcism and outsold the Da Vinci Code in Paraguay, and has asserted that “knowledge of evil leads to good.”

The talk is part of a series taking place at the school, which is attached to the publicly-funded Complutense University of Madrid, in order to “promote intellectual, moral and physical development” in its students.


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