British woman found dead in Magaluf hotel bathtub

Magaluf, a notorious party destination in Mallorca.

POLICE in Mallorca have confirmed the name of a British woman found dead in her hotel room bathtub as Samantha Johnson, aged 24.

The holidaymaker apparently drowned in the bath after falling unconscious due to excessive alcohol intake.

She was found at the three-star hotel TRH Torrenova at the island’s notorious Magaluf resort on Monday, May 2, when hotel staff saw water flowing under her door.

Details are still emerging but police have suggested that there is no evidence of foul play or intention, and that her death appears to be accidental.

A police spokeswoman said: “The forensic department carried out an autopsy on Tuesday morning and has determined that it was an accidental death through drowning. She had a lot of alcohol in her system and may have fallen asleep while taking a bath.”

“It appears that she had quite a few drinks and on returning to the hotel decided to take a bath. Hotel staff were alerted when water appeared under the door, and when no-one answered, they entered the room to find the woman in the bath with the tap still running. The hypothesis is that she passed out and then drowned,” the officer, who confirmed the victim’s name, said, from Mallorca.

The Foreign Office said it was “providing support to the family of a British national following their death in Mallorca on May 2 2016,” adding that they are in close contact with local authorities.

There is speculation that the woman and her male partner had a fight on the Sunday evening, after which Ms Johnson spoke to hotel staff and her partner flew back to the UK, although there is no confirmed link between the argument and Monday’s events. It is understood he is aware of her death. 


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